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Angies List Reviews

IT COULDN'T HAVE GONE BETTER!!! They were punctual, worked long hours, were conscientious, courteous, and a joy to have working on our home. We chose Chuck and his company because we were confident the job would be done on schedule, on budget, and that they would take pride in what they were doing. They paid close attention to detail all the way, and didn't cut corners. They went above and beyond to ensure we were totally satisfied with the new deck.

- Ron & Janet P. - Wagon Trails

Springs Home Improvement is incredible! Chuck is an absolute pleasure to work with. After visiting with several contractors who seemed more interested in our budget rather than the job, Chuck and his crew were a breath of fresh air. Chuck was present at every step of the way, ensuring that our needs were met and the job was done right! I've passed Chuck's information along to my realtor and hope that other families in the Colorado Springs area make use of a great home improvement resource! Thanks Chuck!!

- Dave & Shalia S. - Norwood

Chuck came in and offered more efficient and cost saving ideas to complete what we were trying to accomplish from a prior remodel of our bathroom.. after approving a confirmed bid when the job was completed in a much faster time than estimated.. the end result was $300.00 less than bid.. Would I use him again?? H*** yes. Very happy with the end result.. Chuck and John were extremely professional and a real pleasure to deal with.


- Ken & Barbara I. - Rustic Hills

I couldn't place a higher recommendation on a contractor or subcontractors than Springs Home Improvement. They were honest and caring and true craftsmen.

- John & Linda E. - Pine Creek

Chuck is prompt and reliable. Our job was not urgent and we were willing to wait a week or two to get it done. However, he called a few days later and found time to fit us in. Very happy with the job.

- Rachel T. - Stetson Hills

We have had a lot of renovations done to our current home and Springs Home Improvement have probably been the best crew that we have ever had. Chuck was great to work with. He is everything that a general contractor should be...courteous, fair, always available, and in general just cared about us and meeting our goals for our vision for our bathroom.

- Mike & Jennifer M. - Broadmoor Bluffs

Springs Home Improvement Co gave me an estimate promptly and had men out to work on it the next week and it was completed within the week. On time, on budget and on point with excellent quality workmanship and materials.

- George & Sherri N. - North Gate

The whole process went very smooth. The team always left the house every evening clean. The best part, I enjoyed having the team in the house. Everyone was so personable especially Chuck. My favorite thing was, Chuck told me that "Chuck can do anything". He did everything I asked with a smile. I will definitely have Chuck and his team back.

- Connie T. - North End

We found Chuck to be very professional as well as the members of his team. It was obvious that they know their craft well .We were confident that he would complete this job to our complete satisfaction and he did not disappoint. We would highly recommend the services of Springs Home Improvement.

- Dean & Diane N. - Skyway

Everything went according to plan. You can tell that Chuck has a lot of years of experience. The outcome is beautiful.

- Rod & Silke B. - Security

Chuck was very easy to work with. We're very pleased with all aspects of the renovation and will be using Chuck's services in future projects we have planned.

- Dick & Kathy P. - Briargate

He was true to his word which is important to me and completed both jobs beautifully and on schedule. I can tell you that by far Springs Home Improvement Company's quality and professionalism stands out. Chuck and his crew were extremely friendly and very professional. They were always on time and most importantly to me patient while working. We couldn't have been more pleased. Springs Home Improvement Company will always be my first call.

- Robert B. - Stetson Hills

We are a real estate company and have used and recommended this vendor many times. With each project, Chuck provides an estimate and is always on time with his appointments and timely in his repairs. He is kind and clear with his explanations and always willing to go the extra mile. We will continue to use his services and will continue to recommend him within our industry and personally.

- Pam P. - Broadmoor

I was very impressed with Chuck. He knew exactly what he was doing, had all the right tools, and also gave very helpful suggestions. We have already scheduled to hire him again for another job. Springs Home Improvement was definitely worth it, and we plan to continue to use them on our two other properties.

- Sam & Amber B. - Columbine Estates

We've had several other remodels, done by others, but Chuck and his crew are the best! Between John, the "Tile Guru," who worked with our ideals and executed the shower/tub tile areas beyond our imagination… and George and his crew of "merry workmen" who were absolutely professional, courteous and very nice. No matter what the situation, they did everything with a smile, rectified any problem and found solutions. Would we recommend them? In a heart beat. Will we use them in the future for other projects down the road? In less than the time it takes for a heart beat!

- Bev & Rhonda B. - Monument

So you know (right?) that remodeling is fraught with frustration, surprising unknowns, delays, and decisions, and more decisions? Keep this in mind as you choose a contractor. In our case, we were also 5000 miles & several time zones away, and the house, in desperate need of repair and remodel, was nearly 40 years old. Springs Home Improvement proved themselves to be well qualified for the task! Chuck and his office staff were quick to respond to our questions and to research answers when needed. They did a great job of discerning our comfort level for which issues to call us about and which to just decide and keep going. We particularly appreciated the way Chuck balanced cost containment and work quality. He also excelled at design input. Several of the design features he suggested are wonderful. Chuck and his office staff were always professional and kind and responsive. We hope this is our last and final remodel (!?!), but if we were to do another one -- our first call would be to Springs Home Improvement.

- Murray & Julie A. - Rockrimmon

Chuck Farrington was so awesome when I met him I didn't even let him give me a bid - I just said you're hired! Every sub he has sent here to work on my bathroom renovation has been better than the last one and all extraordinary in their work. This is the only company I would ever use for anything in my home!

- Elana H. - Knob Hill

I love my new bathroom! I told Chuck, the contractor, how important it was to stay within budget and he kept that in mind from start to finish and no unexpected expenses were incurred. The Project Manager was wonderful. Anytime I talked to him about an idea or change, he always responded with "no problem". The tile setter was meticulous with his work and made wonderful suggestions with the design. My contact at the office, always responded quickly to my e-mails, phone calls, or texts. I will definitely use this company again and have already recommended them to neighbors.

- Kristy P. - Broadmoor Bluffs

It went very well. Great communication, solid work and attention to detail

- Mara D. - North End

Chuck Farrington has done a number of projects for me over the past 5 years.

First let me say that Chuck is a man of excellence and not only does he get the job done, he gets the job done well! He brings a professional touch, on time, fair pricing and stands by his work and by his word.

Chuck has been hired to help me on a variety of needs, including:

- Kathleen D. - Springs Ranch

Chuck Farrington is highly skilled at evaluating any construction project & using his carpentry, electrical & plumbing skills to get even the most challenging jobs done. I am a home builder myself and have worked alongside Chuck on multiple renovation/building projects and am very impressed with his strong work ethic and standard of excellence.

- Bruce B. - Azerbaijan

Chuck has helped us with everything from putting in a new dishwasher to putting up safety bars in the bathroom...every little thing like checking the mail to watching over the security of our condo while we were away...so helpful! so trustworthy!

I've seen the house he constructed and the renovation of a very old building into an attractive and efficient commercial property.....brilliant and stylish.

You can trust his advice and his integrity.

- Barbara G. - Cheyenne Hills

Chuck's honesty, professionalism, and skills are wonderful. I would gladly recommend him to anyone I know looking for a skilled handyman.

- Sheila M. - Broadmoor Bluffs

I highly recommend Chuck Farrington for any remodeling or repair jobs that you may have around the home. He does careful, conscientious work, is entirely trustworthy, and charges very affordable rates for his work.

Chuck did great work for me in the summer of 2011 when I moved into a foreclosed condo that needed a lot of work. He repaired drywall holes and painted the entire condo interior. He repaired the kitchen floor and put new linoleum in two bathrooms. He installed appliances, light fixtures and blinds. He put up trim on an unfinished window and an attic door and did minor repairs throughout.

I recently had a plumbing leak in an upstairs drain that required cutting into the wall to fix a broken drain pipe. I called Chuck to do the repair, and he did a marvelous job – being careful to go through the back wall of a closet to get to the pipe, so that the hole in the wall would not show, and finishing out the hole with trim, so that it looks very nice but still offers access to the pipe should that be necessary in the future.

All of Chuck’s work has been carefully thought through, well performed and looks great. And the cost has been very reasonable.

I highly recommend Chuck for any project, large or small, that you are wanting to get done around your house.

- Pat I. - Castle Rock

I was recently introduced to Chuck through one of my colleagues. I needed some work done at some rental properties that our family owns in downtown Colorado Springs.

The extent of the work involved replacement of doors, repairing doorjambs, storm door installation and some minor ductwork. Chuck completed this work promptly and with excellent craftsmanship. I also appreciated the way he conducted himself with respect to invoicing, estimating his costs, and cleaning up the job sites. He is very professional.

As additional jobs come up with our properties or if other agents are in need of a good handyman for their properties, I will recommend Chuck Farrington.

Please consider Chuck for you next project.


- Rick F. - Downtown

Chuck Farrington has done quality and credible work for me over the last three years.

When I first realized that he had built his own home overseas by himself, I began asking him if he could do some work for me around my home.

Chuck’s versatility of what he can do is unbelievable. In the last few years he has fixed my back deck, repaired my sprinkler system, built an outside wooden stair case up our front hill to the house, updated our old fire alarm system, replaced our kitchen sink and faucets, and has been a major help recently in getting my new Apple computer, and iPhone up and running.

I am a satisfied customer of Chuck’s ability and honest pricing in doing these jobs that would have taken me hours. He was able to do them very efficiently and well.

I am in the process of recommending Springs Home Improvement and Chuck’s handiwork to all my friends, and I heartily recommend him to you.

- Jim & Bev F. - Wagon Trails

Chuck has been absolutely superb. He has been far better than I expected. He could not have been more professional, more competent or more reliable. He was articulate too. He communicated well. The work was significant and involved a variety of subcontractors in the repair to the damage of my home. Chuck Farrington was the very epitome of what a responsible professional self-employed business man should be. He was unusually competent, unusually reliable and unusually thoughtful of our needs as he shepherded this project from beginning to completion. He was very careful about the subcontractors he chose and made sure that I approved of them. He supervised the project in person; I would say 90% of the time. He was a man who always did what he said he was going to do and in the time frame that he said he was going to do it. So if he told us he was going to show up at 7:30 in the morning, he was here at 7:30. He was superb in follow-up communication and letting us know when inevitably there is some glitches in the project. He let us know what they were, why they were and how they were being addressed. So I could not ask for a better home improvement man than Chuck Farrington and would be happy to recommend him to any Angie's List customers in the future. It was a major project.

- Chris & Sue L. - Rockrimmon

Springs Home Improvement Co. did a great job! The door jam is fixed. The door works properly now which is such a relief. The windows aren't leaking air, out or in. The bathroom drywall is fixed, textured and where it meets the tub is all re-caulked. The thing that impressed my wife and I the most was how much they cleaned up after they were done with the jobs. As I write this my wife said, "I have never seen a company clean up as much as these guys did!" When I got home from work I asked her if they had done the windows at all because it appeared nothing had been touched. Curtains were still behind furniture, blinds still down and the furniture appeared as though it had never been touched to get to the windows. She assured me they had and when I looked around they did do the work. Later she told me they simply put anything they moved right back in the place where it had been prior to doing the work. They even went as far as to put the blind cords back up on the curtain rods where we keep them from the reach of our 1-year old. With this one experience I wouldn't think of looking for another handyman to do the side jobs I don't have time for! Kudos to this company!

- Shaun & Kelly B. - Stetson Hills

This crew showed up on time as promised. I was impressed with the attention to detail and efficiency. Polite, professional, and cheerful. They super cleaned all areas where they worked. Even used the shop vacuum on the bedroom carpet. Looks so clean now with all the black dog hair removed, I may not need to replace it just yet. The two newly painted rooms look so clean, sparkling, and inviting. Chuck included everything. I didn't need to go to Home Depot to buy anything. Not having that trip was a gift.


- Pat N. - Stratmoor Hills

Chuck and his tile man, did a fabulous job. He kept us informed of everything he was doing. Always asked how we wanted something done. Also made great suggestions! We could not be more pleased with the results.

- Dave & Sondra - Monument

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